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Saving is a vital skill. If you learn to do it from a young age, the benefits it can bring to your lives are immense because, in addition to allowing us to have money saved for emergencies, it helps us to manage our income and expenses in a more efficient and orderly way.

There are many ways to save, from piggy banks under the bed, through financial institutions, and even phone apps that help you organize finances and effectively control money.

There are always new ideas and innovations in this area and more and more people are interested in finding the best way to save money and make it last longer.

That is why recently the video of a woman named Emma went viral where she shared on TikTok a very curious but attractive and easy method to save money that promised to save you over £5,000 ($ 7,000) in one year.

The method is very simple, it basically consists of taking 100 envelopes and identifying each one with a number from one to 100, at least twice a week, taking an envelope at random, and putting the amount of money indicated by the number assigned to the envelope.

@emmm271Absolutely love this idea so thought I would share it ##saving

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The video became very popular on social media with thousands of people sharing it and stating that it is actually a very good idea to make saving easy and much more organized than storing a random amount of money in a piggy bank.

“I saw this on TikTok yesterday and I just had to do it,” said Emma

Other users also shared their quirky and fun saving methods in what turned out to be an interesting exchange of tips and ways to manage personal finances.

This awesome saving exercise could be all we’ve been looking for to finally take charge of our finances and always have some money saved. It was only enough with a pack of envelopes and a sharpie.