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We all know of a case of a friend or even ourselves, in a moment of childish rebellion, we thought of “escaping” from our homes to go live alone.

Most of us never materialize that sudden desire because normally the reason that made us think about was nothing really serious. This feeling goes away and we reconcile ourselves with the situation or with whoever made us mad in the first place.

Dawson Lipp had one of these situations but unlike many, this determined child did make the decision to leave, so he packed the most precious items for him, a Minecraft sword, a skateboard, and his Spiderman rucksack, and just left.

The footage captured by the security camera of the house shows the entire scene. First, Dawson’s voice is heard off-camera shouting to his father “dad I’m running away” and a second later he appears on screen walking towards the sidewalk, at which point his father Derek comes out to try to convince him not to do it.

The video was posted on TikTok and immediately went viral with thousands of people sharing and commenting on it, some laughing at the event, others indicating that they feel identified.

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The funniest thing about the whole video is Dawson’s explanation for having made such a radical decision to leave his home. When his father comes to stop him, Dawson yells at him that he told him that he no longer loved him, his father replies that he never said that because all he said was “turn off your Playstation is time for bed”. For this boy that is the same as not loving him anymore so he had enough and he decided to leave.

At the end of the video, Dawson is seen running away from his father, however, he has been in more videos on TikTok so we presume that they managed to patch up their differences and are still living together.