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A time capsule is a historic -mostly hidden- reserve usually buried as a deliberate method of communication with future people. It is also alleged that time capsules will help future archaeologists, anthropologists, or historians.

What can you put inside a time capsule? It is up to you. However, the most common items are badges, a diary, photos, among many others. So imagine you stumble across a time capsule, how amazing would it be?

Finding a long-forgotten treasure from the past full of history that gives us a hint about the world long ago must be such an incredible experience. This is the story of a team of construction workers who happened to uncover a time capsule at the Washington Monument. Want to know what they found inside it?

Imagine this: a team of construction workers going about their normal day and suddenly, they unearth a long-lost piece of history at the Washington Monument located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Originally built in 1815 in honor of the very first president of the USA, George Washington, the colossal monument stands 178 feet (54 meters) high. The Washington Monument in Baltimore was the first one to be built, even before the one located in Washington D.C., making it a very old one, full of secrets of the past, as we can now unravel.

The incredibly imposing monument has been standing there for around 200 hundred years, keeping all kinds of secrets within. But as time did not pass unnoticed, the monument started succumbing to the ravages of the years and by 2004, it needed to be repaired and restored.

And this is when our team of constructors appears. So far, nobody didn’t even imagine the restorative works would lead to a groundbreaking historic discovery.

The restoration plan started by accessing and renewing the monument’s cornerstone. The cornerstone in any large building is the base of the structure. So almost every part of the building depends on the cornerstone, also called the foundation stone.

In the case of the Washington Monument, the workers had a very hard time finding the cornerstone for nobody didn’t exactly where it was. What was more amazing than discovering the cornerstone of the monument was what lied inside it. There were two time capsules waiting to be uncovered.

More amazingly, both time capsules are from different periods of time. One dated back to 1915. But the monument was built in 181. How come there was a capsule from 100 years later? What an unexpected turn of events…

If the monument was built in 1815, and a time capsule is hidden away then, then why had they unearthed a 1915 capsule instead?

And what was inside them? One of the items found inside was an incredibly old photograph of the Declaration of Independence. The conservators also found some local newspapers from back in the day written in English and one written in German. However, experts agree that the most amazing treasure was the official municipal journals.

What else could it be lying beneath this monument? What other secrets is it keeping safe?

The fact that a 100-year-old relic was in fact celebrating 100 years itself, shows just how ancient this monument really was.