via YouTube

Sometimes animals have behaviors that are very strange to us or that, on the contrary, are so similar to some that we ourselves might have to impress and amuse us.

A video in which a brown bear appeared to be dancing recently went viral. The moment was captured by Brandon McCoy, a young man from South Dakota who was on an excursion with a group of friends in the park and suddenly he saw a bear standing in front of a pole behaving a little strangely so and decided to record it, what this man did not know is that suddenly the bear would stand on two legs and start moving from side to side rubbing its back against the pole almost as if it were dancing for the camera.

The young man published the video on his social networks and added the missing ingredient, music, and as expected it immediately went viral, going around the world. Millions of people have seen the dancing bear and there are even those who have dubbed it the real-life Baloo, in reference to the character from Disney’s Jungle Book.

In reality, the bear was not dancing, in fact, and although it seems surprising and strange, this is quite normal behavior in the species. Unable to use their front limbs, these bears have to resort to extreme measures to remove something from their back or even scratch if they are itchy. Chances are our real-life Baloo just got a little itchy back so he decided to relieve himself as best he could.

Although it is normal behavior, we are still surprised to see it and we even thought that this bear could have his own Instagram or TikTok account and entertain us with his funny dances, who knows, maybe it could become a trend.