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Just as Tomorrowland takes place in Belgium, in or ULTRA in Miami, our friends back in the UK have Glastonbury. This massive event brings together all kinds of performing arts and takes place near Pilton, Somerset England, and is known for its contemporary music, dance, comedy, theater, circus, cabaret, and other art forms.

A festival that has been held since the 1970s, where a farmer influenced by a Led Zeppelin concert began bringing local artists to the venue for free performances, nowadays is an event that brings together more than 150,000 people once a year.

In previous editions, the festival was always marked by the presence of the greatest artists and they were the ones who took all the spotlights. But this time, it was the viewers who took center stage and formed the biggest ever human Peace Sign.

Apparently, as many as 15,000 people took part in the stunt.

“The numbers are awesome, I can’t believe how many people are here. They were still steaming in through the entrances when it happened. It made my heart sing,” SJ Smallpage told he media.

Cat Warren, 22, from Bristol, was held aloft on the shoulders of her friends – all part of a cheerleading team to cheers from the crowd.

“There are worries that things like the attacks in Manchester and London are just going to divide people, and make people more hateful towards minorities,” said Warren. “So just coming together and celebrating with people from all ages, races, and religions, it feels so lovely. It’s almost like a protest to anyone who is being hateful and shows we’re not afraid. We could do with a bit more of this outside of Glastonbury. “

The festival has clarified that the human peace sign world record attempt has always been an officially planned event by the festival. It has been on the Green Fields pages of the website since mid-May.

In early June, a separate Facebook page was started by fans to support it. The festival is now fully promoting it to encourage people to attend.