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We all have heard that during Medieval times, women were hunted down for believing they were witches. They were imprisoned, tortured, and killed. It is estimated that during the witch hunt, also known as the witch purge, around 35,000 to 100,000 women were killed.

This purge was performed in the streets, but also there were some houses and buildings used for this purpose. And that is the case of a medieval property which was during the 1500s a witches prison.

The Cage, as it is internationally known, is a historic building located in St. Osyth, England. Since 2004, it has belonged to Vanessa Mitchell. But today she is eager to sell the property. It is the third time the house is on the market. But why would Vanessa want to sell this historic site?

Once a woman was accused of witchcraft, they were taken to prison where they would suffer all kinds of tortures before condemning them to death. Internationally renowned as “The Cage”’, this building is located in St. Osyth, England. It used to be a witch prison during the 1500s’ witch hunt. Besides, the house was an active prison until 1908. Men, women, and children were detained in the cage until this date.

“The Cage is one of the most notorious and well-documented haunted 16th Century cottages in Britain, once a medieval prison where 13 witches were held pre-trial, subsequently resulting in three hangings,” said her sales agent.

In 2004, Vanessa Mitchell decided to buy the historic building, thinking it would be so cool to live on a site with such a historical value. But things didn’t go as planned and things started to get creepy. In 2008, Vanessa moved out. Since then, she’s tried to sell the property, without any success.

Now, the house is up for sale again, for the third time, with a price of $293,188 (£260,000). However, Vanessa does not care about the money, she just wants to get rid of the property…

Vanessa has said in many interviews that during the four years she actually lived in the house, she was constantly terrorized by “evil spirits”, what she defined as “ghostly figures”.

“Ms. Mitchell only lived there briefly because of the relentless paranormal activity… She fled the house because she was physically attacked by spirits while pregnant, witnessed mysterious blood spatters appear and even alleges she was spanked on the bottom by a demonic entity,” continued the agent.

In 2007, a skeleton was found buried in the backyard of the cottage. It was alleged to be one of the witches’ skeleton killed in the 1582 trial. Nevertheless, it was then discovered the skeleton may have belonged to a person who died way later than the witched hun, say in the early 1900s.

But the real mystery is why isn’t The Cage selling? The sales agent even publicly claimed that “The house has now been cleared of the many evil residents encountered over the years  It is still haunted”, the agent added, “but there seems to be a certain newly found harmony within.”

Yeah, I think I’ll pass.