via Times of India

Mount Everest is the highest place in the world and climbing it presents impressive difficulties that only people with a lot of stamina can withstand.

For decades, hundreds of mountaineers have tried to reach its summit and many have succeeded. Others have not been able to reach the top of the world because, despite technological advances in the equipment and instruments used to climb, that mountain is still a very complicated goal.

Zhang Hong is a 46-year-old Chinese man who set out to climb Everest. But what is special about this man? Zhang Hong lost his sight at 21 years old due to glaucoma.

The vision impairment has not stopped him in his desire to achieve his dream, so he decided to try to reach the highest peak in the world. And together with the 3 guides who assisted him throughout the journey, he succeeded on May 24, stayed up there for a few hours and then began his descent, arriving back at base camp on May 27.

“No matter if you’re disabled or normal, whether you have lost your eyesight or you have no legs or hands, it doesn’t matter as long as you have a strong mind, you can always complete a thing that other people say you can’t,” Zhang said.

He claims to have been inspired by an American mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer who was also being blind and had managed to climb Everest in 2001.

The journey was full of difficulties and Zhang says he was afraid in some stages because, despite having trained hard for a long time, he had never done anything compared to this. Along the way, he became disoriented a few times as he did not know where he was walking, he even fell several times as he lost control of his center of gravity due to the altitude and inclination of the terrain.

Zhang’s spectacular accomplishment serves as an inspiration to show everyone that with determination and persistence, nothing is impossible.