via Stamford Advocate

There are those who are willing to do anything for their loved ones, even willing to give up their most precious possessions because love is always more important.

Bryson Killean an 8-year-old boy who lives in the town of Lebanon, Virginia is a huge fan of Pokémon and during his short life, he had managed to gather a large collection of cards from his favorite show, hundreds of images of his favorite characters. They were his treasure.

However, an unexpected event happened. Bryson’s dog Bruce was diagnosed with canine parvovirus, a life-threatening intestinal virus that forced veterinarians to perform surgery to save the puppy’s life.

The cost of the surgery and treatment exceeded $800 so Bryson decided to jump into action and set up a stand outside his house where he sold his Pokémon cards in order to raise funds and save the life of his best friend.

Bryson managed to sell his cards and his mother had simultaneously started a GoFundMe campaign to collect the funds with a goal of $800 but the situation quickly became viral and the generosity of the people on the internet made its appearance. The campaign reached $5000 so Bruce was able to get its surgery and treated successfully and now he is back at home playing with Bryson. The rest of the money will be used to care for other sick animals.

The actions of this incredible child who sacrificed his most precious treasure without hesitation to help his friend in distress became known all over the world, thousands of people have praised his attitude towards this situation.

Even executives at The Pokémon Company International found out and decided to award Bryson with a rare and hard-to-find card game that was sent to his house.

“Hi Bryson, we were very inspired by your story about the sale of your cards for the recovery of your dog. Here are some that will help you replace the ones you had to sell,” read a note included in the gift.

Bryson’s actions restore our faith in humanity and show us that anything is possible if done for a good purpose.