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Many people choose what their headstone will read when they die. Some phrases or representative images of a significant moment in their life or of their beliefs. Some tombstones simply are completed with the name and the dates of birth and death of the deceased. It’s not a particularly fun topic but it’s definitely unavoidable for everybody.

However, Kathryn Andrews had a more original idea. After the death of her husband 21 years ago, she thought about how she would be commemorating his life better. Kathryn and her 5 children decided to bury her husband Wade under a tombstone engraved with the image of a graduation cap to represent his teaching career and an image of a B-24 bomber from World War II to honor his military career and his participation in that conflict.

From there, she began to wonder what she wanted on her own tombstone, so a few years later, she decided that she would be buried under the fudge recipe that had made her famous among family, friends, and neighbors.

One of her daughters, Janice Johnson, said her mother was very happy making fudge and it was her way to show how much she loved people.

Kathryn died in 2019 at the age of 97 and as she had requested, her children took care of everything. She was buried alongside her husband Wade whom she had met in New York nearly 70 years ago, just one day before he left for war.

The children of this loving couple decided to modify the original tombstone of their father to add, according to their mother’s request, the recipe for “Kay’s Fudge” in which the whole world can read the special instructions this amazing woman followed while she was alive to create her own version of this delicious dessert.

So Kathryn leaves her incredible legacy to the world almost as a metaphorical way of expressing that life is sweet and we have to make the most of it and what better way to do it than with a bit of delicious Kay’s Fudge