via Charlie the Chipmunk

Much has changed since we tamed the first dog about 30,000 years ago. As our societies developed we began to have new pets and now the variety of animals we can live with on a daily basis is very wide, however, from time to time we still see unlikely friendships that surprise us.

3 years ago, Borjana Anicin was visiting her parents’ house. She was hanging out in the backyard when she saw a chipmunk running around the garden so she tried to call it to see if she could get it closer.

The little animal was reluctant at first, probably a little fearful to approach this human but almost two weeks later with persistence and using voice ranges that were nice and soft and of course with the help of some nuts Borjana finally managed to attract the chipmunk and it ate some walnuts from her hand. From there on a rare but beautiful friendship began.

Borjana called his new friend Charlie and almost accidentally started training him. Now, Charlie not only recognizes Borjana’s voice but also obeys several commands that she gives him, Charlie quickly goes to Borjana’s call every time she arrives and also understands when she gives him instructions to eat and even paralyze when she says “freeze”.

The relationship between Charlie and Borjana has developed over the last few years to the point where even sometimes it is not even necessary to attract him with food, he can simply spend hours sitting next to his friend enjoying her company.

“There’s not enough words in the dictionary to explain the relationship I have with Charlie,” Borjana said.

This incredible relationship has gone viral in recent weeks, Charlie even has his own TikTok and Instagram accounts where he publishes daily and updates his followers about his new adventures.