via Willie the Platypus

Wilie’s story is heartwarming. He’s a pit bull who was rescued from a property in Virginia where he was chained to a pole for about 7 whole years. This beautiful dog was classified as “aggressive” and when he was rescued by a loving couple they were warned that Wille should not approach other dogs and even signed a document in which they promised not to allow him to be within 10 feet of other dogs.

His growth was difficult and he was full of abuse and mistreatment, years of almost complete solitude made him an introverted dog that was obviously not used to being around many people, much less other animals. Willie didn’t know what it was like to play freely with another dog.

At first, his new house would only be temporary but this family grew fond of him and decided to keep it to try to give him a new life. The neighbors of his new home also had a beautiful dog named Mint and after several weeks, they finally met.

The first time they met, it was with a fence that separated them. After a few minutes of mutual inspection, the two dogs began licking each other’s faces, a clear sign that they had liked each other, much to the relief of their owners. Moments later and still through the fence, the two little ones were running around and playing.

The encounters between the two dogs became more constant and they even shared toys through the fence. So as the days went by the owners decided that soon would be a good time to let them know each other without any barrier.

A few days later they let Mint into the patio of the house and immediately the two friends got excited and started playing. Since then they have been inseparable. They play, eat and even go for walks together. They became best friends.

The beautiful story of Willie shows us that, with love, any dog ​​can be a great companion.