KitKat, M&M’s, Reese’s, and more candy are part of everybody’s lives. Chocolate usually is an affordable treat, but some luxurious candy brands in the world are ridiculously expensive.

Maybe not all of them are known or available in all countries, but that doesn’t stop them from being an extravagance wherever you can find them. Here are some of these fancy brands and kinds of chocolates.


10. Lagusta’s Luscious

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Lagusta’s Luscious is the perfect fancy snack for vegans. Settled in New York, they personally select each ingredient to create fabulous and unique chocolates. This chocolatier is special because they change every season their bonbon flavors. Every 15 piece box costs 35 dollars and if you can get one it is probably that you would never taste it again. Their flavors had included lemon caramel, yuzu cashew cream, and smoky corn on the cob.


9. Chuao Chocolatier

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Chuao chocolatier creates an infinity of chocolate bars that come with fun flavors like potato chips, bacon, smores, mango, and many more. Though they are unique, they are still made with organic and non-artificial ingredients, additives, or substitutes. They are usually sold in sets which have a range of price of 80 dollars. Chuao is all about joy and they make sure they make a sustainable production that their public would love.


8. Vosges Haut Chocolat

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Katrina Markoff has made a statement in Chicago since 20 years ago by creating rare chocolate bars that have unique ingredients on them. Her catalog includes chili, bacon, cinnamon, wasabi, and more particular flavors. Vosges Haut Chocolat uses natural ingredients that Katrina has searched up traveling all around the world and all of them are selected by her. Her handmade special designs start with a price of 90 dollars and you can get them online or visit her boutique.


7. Amedei Porcelana Chocolate Bar

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This 90 dollar bar is made from one of the most special cocoa beans in the world. The translucent Criollo and Trinitario beans are meticulously selected in Venezuela to produce award-winning chocolate. Amedei is an Italian chocolatier that has many options in their catalog, all with great reviews, but they are best known for the Porcelana bar. This one is made for dark chocolate lovers since it is 70% cocoa. Also features bittersweet tastes with traces of cinnamon and toasty nuts.


6. La Madeline Au Truffe From Knipschildt

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La Madeline au Truffe is not only pricey but also beautiful. The Danish chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt makes sure that every truffle is covered with fine ganache, cocoa powder and placed on a bed of sugar pearls. For 250 dollars you can get a dreamy golden box with the truffle on it, the sad part is that it is so delicate that it can only last about 7 days. It is considered a gastronomic jewel and it broke a World Record Guinness for being the most expensive chocolate in the world since they also sell it in pounds for more than a thousand dollars.


5. Amedei Toscano Black Truffles In Swarovski Chocolate Box

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This is a specific type of chocolate that sells off as 294 dollars a box. They are mainly sold in Harrods department store and London Department store in Knightsbridge and they are pretty rare to find. Amedei Toscano Blak Truffles are made with three luxurious ingredients, Armand de Brignac champagne, gold, and the world-famous Swarovski crystals. Those components create the perfect combination for a fancy snack, the champagne filling, and the gold leaf decoration would blow your mind the minute you open the 450 crystal designed box.


4. DeLafée Of Switzerland Gold Chocolate Box

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DeLafée is a company expert on selling gold edible stuff, like sheets, flakes, wine, and more but one of their star products is their chocolate box. The DeLafée Of Switzerland Gold 8 chocolate box has a value of 390 dollars and it comes with bonbons covered with 24 karat gold along with rare Swiss coins from 1910 to 1922, so it is also an antique. Though they are produced in Switzerland, the cocoa beans come from Ecuador and they are used to create 56% pure cocoa chocolate. This surely is a luxury gift that even celebrities love to purchase.


3. Art Series Guayasamin By To’ak

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To’ak is a brand that comes directly from Ecuador. They have many kinds of chocolates and special series, but their most valuable one is the Art Series, which you can get for 450 dollars. What makes the Art Series Guayasamin so special is the fact that every chocolate is filled and aged for three years with 50-year-old cognac. Maybe this doesn’t sound like the most appetizing chocolate bar, but their clients love the unconventional mix of flavors which the company describes as ‘soft, subtle and nuanced’ for the Light edition and ‘raw, powerful, unapologetic and naked’ for the Dark one.


2. Noka Vintages Collection

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With cocoa beans from Venezuela, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Trinidad, the American brand Noka produced one of the fanciest chocolate boxes you will ever see: Noka Vintages Collection. The box with 75% pure chocolate originally had a price of 850 dollars. They were only sold in Neiman Marcus, a luxurious department store in Dallas, Texas, but today they are a rare thing since the company went out of business in 2011. Collectors love to search for the boxes and pay over 1.000 dollars to get the 24 piece box.


1. Wispa Gold Chocolate

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The world-famous English company Cadbury has a special chocolate bar that is worth 1.600 dollars: The Wispa Gold Chocolate. This one is made with the finest Madagascan cocoa beans and is covered with a thin edible gold leaf. Originally it was sold as a limited edition bar but then they decided to do a relaunch. This Willy Wonka-looking chocolate is considered a collection item and it is even exhibited on Cadbury World, the special company’s museum.

All of the chocolates we mentioned before sound so delicious that make you want to get online to find them and them no matter the cost. Unless you had tried one of these before you wouldn’t know if they are worth the price, maybe they aren’t as amazing as they seem. Now you have a new thing on your bucket list to try before you die. What kind would you like to try the most?