via Live Science

Artificial intelligence has come to stay. For some years now, many robotics companies have made impressive advances in the creation of androids and different machines that not only have a human-like appearance but can also somehow recreate some of our cognitive processes.

Robots can now do many things and normally perform tasks that make life easier for humans. Some activities, such as art, were believed to be reserved exclusively for us because they require a natural creative process that technology had not been able to match. Up until now.

Recently, a human-sized, human-like robot named Ai-Da has created the first self-portrait of a robot in history and its work is being exhibited in an art gallery in London.

Ai-Da is capable of speaking, gesturing, blinking and even painting and sculpting, she is designed to behave like a human woman and even uses a female voice.

Almost all her appearance is similar to a human because her mannequin head and torso are very realistic, the details of her body that could blow the whistle on her are usually covered by her dresses and her wigs. The only thing that makes it completely evident that she is not human is her metallic arms full of discovered circuits.

Its creation is the responsibility of a group of scientists from the University of Oxford and the University of Leeds who started the project in 2017 until it was completed in 2019. Her name is a combination of the acronym for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ada Lovelace, a British mathematician considered among the first computer programmers in the world.

“These images are meant to unsettle. They are meant to raise questions about where we are going. What is our human role if so much can be replicated through technology?”said Aidan Meller, the gallery owner behind the creation of Ai-Da.

And they have really generated that effect after the publication of the works made by this robot, the debate about the usefulness and ethics of creating artifacts that can perform the same actions as we have been rekindled. Many have even expressed fears that, like in a movie, these androids might ever rebel against us.