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Imagine being at a party with friends or family, celebrating a special occasion, or just maybe taking the chance to share with loved ones, and that some animal suddenly interrupts that celebration.

This was exactly what happened to The Jefferson County High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps who were celebrating in a pool at the Chalet Village in Gatlinburg, a beautiful Tennessee vacation spot overlooking the Smoky Mountains.

In the middle of the party, one person sees what appears to be a black bear and quickly alerts the others. Everyone quickly went to take shelter away from the pool area and once in safety was when they realized that it was not a black bear. There were seven of them.

Although the site’s employees claim that it is pet-friendly, they never imagined that seven black bears would enter and take over the party.

The bears began to walk around the pool area and ate whatever food they could find in their path and even had time to have some fun. They went into the pools probably to cool off and you can see a couple of them even playing in the water. They also entered the tennis courts where they can be seen running and jumping all over the place.

Despite the initial shock, the people who had attended the party ended up enjoying the unexpected spectacle of the bears. Everyone was laughing at the mischief these beautiful animals were doing.

Many managed to capture photos and videos that have now become viral and the whole world has been able to appreciate the incredible scene and the cuteness of these bears. Judging by their sizes, some seem to be cubs.

The owners of the Chalet Village said that on other occasions they had seen some bears around the area and that they understand that they are in their natural habitat.

“The guys at Chalet Village said they had never seen so many at one time,” said a person at the party.

We are happy that no person, nor any animal was injured and that everything has become just a funny anecdote of some bears whose invitation to the party may have been lost in the mail and they still managed to show up anyway.