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Is there something more beautiful than a bright blue sky full of fluffy clouds? For some reason, laying on the grass or sitting on a bench while watching the shape of the clouds is really amusing and relaxing. We all have wanted to float above them on a floor that feels like cotton, but they are far from being like cotton.

As we know, clouds are big white masses of ice crystals or water that when they are full have a grey look and cause rain, snow, or hail. They are made thanks to the condensation of vapor contained in the atmosphere that comes from the water on the planet.

Though some of them look like animals or food, they aren’t random-shaped gatherings in the sky, there are a lot of types, like cirrus or nimbus. The different categories of clouds depend on their height, their form, their components, and other parameters, but something all types have in common is that they are heavy.

Despite looking like they smoothly flow with the wind, clouds are so extremely heavy you couldn’t imagine grabbing one. Scientists even measure their weight using elephants as a reference, so it is fair to say that they are larger than one of the biggest and heavier animals in the world, whose average weight is about 6 tons.

An average cumulus of clouds can weigh around 1.1 million tons, or a hundred elephants. But when a storm is coming and they are full of water they can be more than 200.000 elephants. Basically, it all depends on how much water they hold inside them, so it is a very variable aspect.

This seems impossible, how can something that huge be able to float in the sky and such elevated heights without falling all over ourselves?

First of all, 90% of their composition is air, and their density is extremely lower than the space where they develop since wet air is less dense than dry air. The rest of their inside is mainly vapor and almost microscopic water drops and ice crystals that aren’t bigger than 0.2 millimeters.

Along with this, even though they are that heavy, clouds are also humongous, as you can see in the sky, they are pretty big, their surface is very wide and this allows that all of the stuff inside them is perfectly distributed to make them a proportional mass that can float in the sky.

This is very fascinating, it is something really weird that is kind of hard for our minds to understand. Despite science still doesn’t know how a cloud tastes, it has solved one of your childhood questions.