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Dogs are our best friends, faithful companions, and simply a member of our families.

These animals fill us with love, joy, and games for a long time. But unfortunately, they do not have a life span as long as ours. They live to an average of close to 13 years and although this is a known fact and that any dog ​​owner knows they will have to face eventually, once our little 4-legged friend is gone it leaves us with a feeling of irreparable emptiness in our lives.

Recently, a Californian company wondered if it is possible to extend the life of dogs and now they are starting a project to make it happen.

The company is called Loyal and its CEO, Celine Halioua, was until recently pursuing a doctorate in Gene Therapy Economics, but then left it incomplete to go to work at the Longevity Foundation. From there, she met one of the directors of that organization Laura Deming and now together they have created Loyal to try to extend the life of dogs and that this, in turn, helps humans to have healthier and happier lives.

The idea of ​​the project is not only to extend the life of the dog but to keep them young, healthy, and safe from degenerative diseases. They will have on sale in 2022 two compounds with anti-aging properties to improve the quality of life of dogs and thus make them more long-lived.

The final goal of the project is to increase the already known benefits that a dog produces in a person or in a family and in this way that they work as an even more powerful regenerative therapy than they already are. In this way, human life could also be made longer and of higher quality.

It is very likely that these treatments to increase the lives span of the dog are expensive, after all their business model will be based on the human fear of losing a great friend, however, we are excited to know that there are proposals underway to makes dogs and their human friends happy even if it’s a little longer.