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You know how in cartoons there’s always a joke about a car that every time it stops, dozens of clowns come out of it. And we laugh about it and think “how is that possible?”. After all, it is usually a very small car.

Well, as it turns out, it is not only the magic of animation, but it can actually happen in real life. And it was proven a few years ago when cops pulled over a car to find out forty people were crammed inside.

Still don’t believe it? It happened in southern China and it went viral. Want to know how 40 people managed to fit in a regular car? Spoiler alert though: don’t try this at home.

China is known for being the largest country by population. As for the year 2020, it has 1,439,323,776 inhabitants. It’s a huge number, right? I mean, how do you even read that?

Well, no doubt in China it is common to see places really crowded, like roads and subways. Commuting in the principal Chinese cities might be a real pickle. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to be touched by a stranger, I won’t recommend you visit these places.

One day, after the workday was over, forty construction workers decided to cram into a six-seat van. After all, it wasn’t a crazy idea taking into consideration the aforementioned context. The hard part wasn’t getting all these people inside, the difficulty came after though.

It was a common day for these Chinese police officers when they spotted a white can driving erratically. Since it was a suspicious and very dangerous situation since the vehicle wove in and out of its lane, the cops decided to pull it over. But they didn’t expect what was coming next.

There was a huge amount of people amassed inside the car. There were so many that they bumped into the driver making it difficult for him to keep the car inside the lane. That is why the van swerved down the road.

And that’s not all. The police asked them to get out of the car and this made things really interesting. The officers recorded as they counted 39 men and 1 woman all wearing yellow helmets and orange vests get out of the car.

Even though the van was a six-seat vehicle, the police spotted that the back of the van didn’t have any seats, which allowed these people to fit inside.

The driver got a ticket though for violating the vehicle size and overloading it since it had limited the driver’s ability to drive safely and put other people’s lives in danger. However, the driver in his defense pleaded that it was a common practice for construction workers.