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We can all agree social media is awesome. It is fun, it makes us feel connected to our friends, family, and sometimes even to people we don’t know. It is definitely a way to entertain ourselves.

But as entertaining and fun as it may sound, social media is also a colossal time suck. Not to mention they can become addictive. Especially this time. So if you’re considering a social media cleanse, well, you’ve come to the right article.

Whether you’re making this decision out of political views, or you’re just taking a vacation from selfies, deleting your social media will bring you several benefits to your health you’re just not going to believe it.

Social media is full of contradictions. For all of us who have used it, we know it can be fun indeed, but it can also be so frustrating. Some days it makes you feel accompanied, and others you may feel isolated and alone. It can take you one hour, or you can be there in an endless scrolling for six hours in a row.

Nowadays, there are more and more people tacking on the idea of a social media cleanse. But what is it exactly? Social media cleanse is a term that refers to taking a break from social media.

It means stepping away from social media. It can be done by turning off the notifications on your phone or deleting social media apps for a mere 24 hours. Some experts believe though that the real way to obtain all the benefits is by deleting your social media accounts. By this point, it is probable you already know someone who has taken time away from their social media.


Okay, But How Do I Do It?

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Are you wondering if you’re fit for a social media cleanse? Then you’ve taken the first step already. If you’re asking yourself whether you need it or how can you achieve it, then the answer is yes, you might need a social media cleanse.

And it is not hard. You may start by deactivating your social media accounts. See, this is a temporary decision, it doesn’t have to be “forever”. That’s the best part, you can always come back. Then delete the apps from your phone. Once again the period of time depends on you. It can be a 24-hour trial, it can be for a few days, weeks, months, or who knows? Maybe years. The choice is yours.


What To Expect?

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There are some benefits from the social media cleanse. And you’re going to see them from day one I guarantee. To mention just a few, you might start to sleep better. How come? Well, we are all familiarized with bad sleeping habits, for instance, before going to sleep, checking our phone.

The artificial light in our phone (also the same found in the TV) interferes with the hormone responsible to help us sleep, the melatonin. Once you’re out of social media, the chances you’re going to take your phone to bed with you will reduce thus meaning you get to sleep faster and better.

Also, you’ll have more time to do other things. I mean, being one, two, three hours scrolling down on any social media doesn’t seem like a very productive way to spend your days, does it? Now you’ll have all this time to do all the things you probably didn’t have time before.

There are many other benefits like it will help you prioritize other forms of interactions with your friends and family. It will help you deal with your FOMO (fear of missing out). It will help you relax more. It will make you learn more about yourself and you’ll develop more emotional intelligence.

Believe me, the list can go and go. So if you’re willing to “take the risk”, don’t hesitate anymore and give it a try.