via Green Product Award

Our world needs our help when it comes to climate change. We know some changes have to be made. Immediately. For this reason, many people, entrepreneurs, and big companies are trying their best to save our planet.

There are plenty of ideas from little things we can do in our homes to big changes like some industries are changing their packaging to more eco-friendly materials or going plastic-free. And there are even more ideas we can come to.

This is the case of Sneature, an eco-friendly sneaker made out of mushroom, and get this, dog hair fabric. That’s correct. People are coming with some great innovative and creative ideas, don’t you think?

There’s no doubt our endless need and consumption of natural resources is impacting the planet. You may not know it, but clothing has a significant impact on the environment. For this reason, Emilie Burfiend, a German designer, has come to a cool idea.

She has designed, alongside the Institute for Material Design IMD, the University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main, and the Modus Intarsia, a sneaker completely sustainable. It is called Sneature, which is a combination of “sneaker” and “nature”.

“A large part of global emissions are caused by the clothing industry”, says Emilie Burfiend on her website while describing the urge that made it possible to create Sneature.

Sneature uses all-natural materials which means it is completely biodegradable. You can actually compost it when you’re done wearing it. And it could actually grow mushrooms that could be used for your next pair. How awesome is that?

The sole is made of mushroom mycelium and the upper part is knitted from dog hair. It has no laces since the upper part is a sock-like shoe that you pull over your foot.

The dog hair is taken from donations made to Modus Intarsia who takes care of processing it. All of us who own a dog know that the amount of fur is almost never-ending, so why not put it into good use, right? “In Germany alone, nearly 90 tons of this raw material are discarded every year,” they said.

Meanwhile the sole is waterproof made out of two main materials: natural rubber and mushroom mycelium. The fungus is placed into a mold with a substrate made from agricultural waste and allowed to grow into shape.

In conclusion, Sneature is designed to interlock perfectly in your foot. So, yes, there’s a way of saving the planet with shoes. Who knows? Maybe in the future, we will be walking on other raw materials we haven’t yet thought of.