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The brightest minds are sometimes said to be ahead of their time. People so brilliant that they can somehow foresee events or discoveries for which the technology and research of their moment are not capable of perceiving. It is these people who with their ingenuity and creativity have made humanity advance.

One such visionary person is undoubtedly the world-renowned scientist, Albert Einstein. A man with an impressive ability to solve the most complicated problems in science and who developed theories about the composition of the universe that changed the understanding of physics forever.

Einstein was known to correspond with any random person who wrote to him, so that is why many fans and colleagues wrote him letters expressing their admiration for him or to start conversations about science.

“It was clear that Einstein received a good number of letters from the general public, and that he very frequently took the time to write back,”said Adrian Dyer, a vision scientist at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

Recently a study led by Dyer revealed a never-before-seen letter Einstein wrote in October 1949 addressed to Glyn Davys, a former British Royal Navy radar engineer. In a few lines, Einstein commented to Davys about the behavior of some animals.

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Specifically, Einstein was referring to the long-distance flights carried out by some migratory birds. In the letter, Einstein expressed that it was probable that this behavior and the navigation abilities of the birds could be produced thanks to some physical process still unknown to scientists.

Unknowingly, Einstein was talking about quantum physics. And it is that in recent years several scientists have established that indeed the navigability of migratory birds occurs as a consequence of a magnetic sense in birds and is based on a process of quantum physics that occurs with cryptochromes proteins.

Although Einstein could not have known about this internal process in migratory birds and quantum physics was not fully developed at that time, this letter shows the incredible perception and vision of one of the brightest minds in history.