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Right before last year’s Christmas, a couple of 4-year-old twins from Kansas set free a red star-shaped balloon with their gifts wishlist, hoping to reach Santa Claus himself at the North Pole.

The balloon didn’t exactly go north and ended in Shreveport, Louisiana, 600 miles away from its launch, landing in the hands of a man named Alvin Bamburg.

Now known as ‘The Santa Claus of Louisiana,’ this man started raising donations to give the little twins all the presents they wanted, including Max the puppy, the newest addition to the family.

It all started when Alvin found the letter that melted his heart which said:

“Dear Santa, my name is Luna. I am 4 years old. I live in Liberal, KS. This year I have been nice. I would love it if you could bring me: Candy, Spiderman ball, Frozen doll, puppy and little pony. With love, Luna”

Thanks to a post on his Facebook page, he actually found the twins’ mother’s contact information, keeping his friends updated on the status of donations.

With donations from family and friends, he accomplished to make the shipment of almost all the holiday gifts, but there was one missing which couldn’t be sent by mail, the puppy. Alvin and his wife drove all the way to Liberal, Kansas to meet the twins and surprise them with the little puppy.

“The world has been bad this past year, so if you can make one person happy trust me not only will help them, it will make you feel so much better. That’s what it’s all about,” Alvin told Good Morning Sunshine.

This is the kind of selfless gesture that makes us restore our faith in humanity. It may not seem like much but thanks to Alvin, these two little girls had the best Christmas ever, and Max will have a loving family for the rest of his life.