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Some people talk about the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster but in Mongolia, there’s the legend of the deadliest creature ever, known as the Gobi desert death worm. This giant red creature that lives in the desert sands has captured the imagination of many people.

In 1926, paleontologist Roy Chapman first told Westerners about them, but their existence was treated more as a story of Mongolian tribes than as something that could exist.

According to the stories, it could be seen during the summer and hid to sleep in winter. It also killed animals and humans in a matter of seconds.

The reason why this creature is deadly is that it releases acid from its mouth, harmful to any living being. It is also said to throw electric shocks from a distance, killing its enemies. But its most deadly component is its skin, which kills on contact for a few seconds. If it rains it comes out to feel the wet earth, so it is easier to see it during these circumstances.

From the descriptions, it could be an electric eel, due to the resemblance and the description of remote discharges.  These animals come to the surface to breathe every 10 minutes, which makes them a candidate for land-based relatives. It also explains why they like wet ground.


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According to the stories, the Gobi desert was fertile land, where some people settled, and there was water there until it dried up completely. This creature could be guarding this place against possible intruders, or it has also been related as a caretaker of the tomb of Genghis Khan.

To this day, a death worm has never been seen, and the only possible approach was by a Russian scientist who found a dead specimen but it has been lost and therefore cannot be considered true.

Undoubtedly, it is a mysterious animal, because most Mongolians believe in its existence, which makes it even more complicated to deny the story outright.