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October 12, 1492, changed the course of history with the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus set sail from the Port of Palos, located in the province of Huelva, Spain, in the early morning of Friday, August 3, 1492, with his three ships “La Niña”, “La Pinta” and “La Santa María”.

He never imagined that he would make the “discovery” of America. Let’s see some interesting facts you didn’t know about America’s Discovery.


5. The Three Caravels

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Since childhood, we have been taught that on the first voyage there were three caravels: La Niña, La Pinta, and Santa María. However, only two were caravels (La Niña and La Pinta), the other was a ‘nao’. The difference lies in the fact that the ‘nao’ is much larger than a caravel. The confusion comes from the fact that in some chronicles, such as those of Bartolomé de las Casas, three caravels are mentioned, although in other publications the Santa María appears as a nao.


4. Columbus Made Four Voyages

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The first voyage was in 1492, he reached the island of Guanahaní and then what we know today as Cuba, which he called Hispaniola. The second voyage was in 1494, he arrived at the island ‘La Deseada’, made landfall in what is known today as Puerto Rico, and traveled along the coasts of Jamaica. His third voyage arrived at the end of July 1498. This time he reached the mouth of the Orinoco River, which is located in Venezuela. His last voyage was in 1508. Although he was already forbidden to set foot on Hispaniola, this time he went to the coast of Honduras.


3. Christopher Columbus Was Arrested

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In 1500, the Catholic Monarchs decided to send Francisco Bobadilla to bring order to the island, as there was much dissatisfaction with the way the Genoese managed the situation since he kept the profits for himself and his family. He was transferred to Spain, where the kings set him free, but he lost the governorship of Hispaniola and all the prestige he had achieved.


2. Gifts To The Kings

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After the first voyage, Columbus returned to Spain and presented Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon with various gifts. Six Indians were baptized in the cathedral of Barcelona, and he also brought parrots of different colors, gold belts, jewelry made with rhinestones, and fish bones.


1. Why America?

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Many other explorers visited the new world after Columbus. In the early 1500s, we had Juan Ponce de Leon from Spain and Americo Vespucci from Italy. The name was given in honor of the latter when the first world map was made that included the new continent.