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We are constantly surprised by complicated construction sites. The brains and innovation that engineers can put into construction are incredible and the result can be structures that defy physics and that can cause a sense of wonder and even fear of being in them because of the risky design.

This is exactly what happened when the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world was recently inaugurated in Portugal.

The UNESCO Arouca World Geopark is a unified area with a geological heritage of international importance and where this heritage is used to promote the sustainable development of the local communities that inhabit it.

Located as its name indicates in Arouca, a town near the Metropolitan Area of ​​Porto. Within this park is the Paiva River surrounded by high mountains. So, the engineers decided to make a monumental construction that would connect both banks. More than two million Euros were invested, and a Portuguese studio called Itecons was hired to design it.

After months of construction, the 516 Arouca was finally inaugurated, the bridge that hangs from steel cables supported by concrete towers located on the banks of the river. The structure that can be covered end to end in about 10 minutes – not counting delays caused by fear of heights – measures almost 1,700 feet long and is suspended at 574 feet from the surface of the Paiva River.

“The bridge is an essential tourist infrastructure that will reinforce the tourist attraction of the municipality and its position in the nature tourism market,” said Margarida Belem, the mayor of Arouca.

This bridge has surpassed the former title holder of the tallest hanging bridge, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge located almost 1,400 feet high in Switzerland.

The authorities and the inhabitants of the site hope that the bridge will become a great tourist attraction that attracts people from all over the world to visit this beautiful region of Portugal, we hope that everyone will be brave enough to cross it.


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