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For those who, like me, admire Salvador Dalí, we know he is best known for his Surrealist style and influence during the 20th century that remains till this day. However, we also know Salvador wasn’t only a great painter, but also a unique character with such a loony personality, making him quite a Surreal person himself.

One of the most iconic features of the Spanish painter wasn’t his wild art, but his remarkable mustache. Salvador Dalí passed away on 23 January 1989. That’s 32 years ago. However, death might have prevailed over the painter’s body, but there’s something it couldn’t take with it.

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And this is Salvador Dalí’s mustache, which was found intact during an exhumation to his tomb. Want to know more about it? Then follow me as we’ll unravel this amazing discovery…


A Surrealist Mustache

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Salvador Dalí’s tomb was exhumed due to the need of collecting some samples of the painter for a paternity DNA test. While doing it, experts were astonished to discover the trademark mustache is in perfect state, giving the corpse a uniquely elegant look after three decades of death.

Narcís Bardalet was responsible for the embalming of Dalí’s dead body. He was asked to help with the exhumation and he too was “delighted” to see the surrealist painter’s best feature still in great shape.

“His mustache is still intact, [like clock hands at] 10 past 10, just as he liked it. It’s a miracle,” Narcís exclaimed, according to The Guardian.


The Magnificent Discovery

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Dalí is buried in his hometown Figueres, Catalonia, beneath the Dalí Theatre and Museum, a museum designed for himself.

His remains were perturbed due to a woman that claimed to be the painter’s only child. So samples were taken out of his tomb to run a DNA test, which turned out to be negative in the end.

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“The mustache is still there and will be for centuries”, said Narcís.

During the exhumation, experts declared that Dalí looked pretty much like a mummy. His face was covered with a silk handkerchief and by the time it was removed, it showed the mustache, amazingly intact.