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Sex, a universal taboo. Whether it is in teenagers, young, adults, sex isn’t always the favorite topic to talk about. Why? Well, long answer short, some scholars believe it is because it reminds us of our basic animalistic natures.

So we are ashamed of succumbing to those primitive urges. And even more, after thinking of ourselves as the “evolved” being in the whole world. When we are young, this embarrassment is lived in a different way, no doubt. Once we get to adult ages, it is more normal as more accepted by a society that adult people have sex.

But what happens when we get to the golden ages? Society starts assuming older adults don’t have sex anymore. After all, they are our grandmas, our grandpas… They are so sweet and adorable. They are supposed to be baking pies, right? Well, as it turns out, they also enjoy active sex life and this is what a campaign wanted to show to all of us. Come with me and let’s see what’s all this about.


Let’s Talk the Joy Of Later Life Sex

via Relate

The campaign called “Let’s Talk the Joy of Later Life Sex” was recently released in the United Kingdom. It consists of a series of photos of five naked, or barely naked, couples and a woman taken by famous fashion photographer Rankin. The couples were also asked to participate in an audiovisual campaign. The photographs are going to be displayed on billboard posters across the country.

The objective? To break stereotypes and celebrate sex in old ages. The campaign was an idea from the relationships charity “Relate”. It aims to “tackle the stigma around this unspoken subject”.

As you may be imagining, the campaign is very atypical hence disruptive as it challenges the myths of older adults enjoying sex and intimacy. “We’re trying to show that people in later life with wobbly bits can feel good about sex. We’re trying to normalize sex among older people”, declared Ammanda Major, a psychosexual therapist in Relate.


The Complicity

Fortunately and happy to announce the campaign has gone viral and the public is accepting it. People are just loving it.

The captions in the photos are spectacular. One of the images shows, for instance, two men hugging and kissing. The caption reads as follows: “Some men find they love golf. Some men find they love men”. Mind-blowing, don’t you think?

Another one says: “The years are going up, but you’re still going down.”

One of the coolest things about this campaign is that none of the photographed people were models. They are common -real- people, just like us. Mark and Andrew, for example, are over their 60s. They’ve been together for 32 years. In the beginning, they felt a little embarrassed during the photo shoot, but after looking at the results, they realized what a wonderful experience that was.

As Mark stated: “There’s a stereotype that once you get past a certain age, all you want to do is sit in front of the TV with your pipe and slippers. We need to start talking about intimacy and sex between older people.”

What a lovely way to remind us that both love and sex are ageless.