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Sometimes, day-to-day life with children puts us to the test. Stains and more stain from spilled juice, a baby who won’t stop crying because he’s teething, and your child’s fear of monsters every night? Here are some tips and tricks that will make your life easier. I’m sure you’ll find some of them very useful.


10. Sticker With Your Phone

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Write your phone number on his arm every time you go to crowded areas and, so it doesn’t rub off, swipe a layer of anti-scratch liquid over it. It’s the ‘homemade’ way to make your decal.


9. Wristband With Your Phone Number

You can create a bracelet with your phone number and put it on your child when you go to crowded areas. You can use, for example, beads… look for numbers, and make a personalized bracelet with your phone number. This way, your child will always be able to wear it.


8. How To Avoid Juice Stains

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One of children’s favorite drinks, along with smoothies, is juice. But what happens most of the time, they end up losing it! The solution: lift the flaps on the sides and teach them to grab them as if they were handles.


7. Make A Popsicle

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If your baby’s mouth hurts a lot because he is teething, you can ‘make’ a Popsicle or ice cream with his pacifier. Just pour some juice in a glass and put the pacifier inside. In a few hours, you’ll have a fantastic Popsicle to soothe sore gums.


6. Get More Space In The Closet

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If you’ve been a parent long enough, then you know that your kid’s closet can be a nightmare. What about the little space there is always in the closets? No problem, you can gain more space if you attach a ring from a can to each hanger and hang another hanger from it.


5. Use Old CD Cases To Store Snacks

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Do you have any leftover DVD or CD cases? Do you know what you can use it for? To store your child’s snack for recess. It has to be round, of course. Obviously, you can decorate them as you like to make this practical tool also unique and distinctive.


4. Use Pacifiers To Give Babies Medicine

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It’s hard to give medicine to a baby, isn’t it? The solution: You have to fit the dropper or syringe with the medicine in the nipple of a pacifier.


3. A Footbed For Shopping

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You want to buy shoes for your child, and you can’t take him/her to try them on? It’s easy. Tell him to plant the foot on a sheet of paper and surround the foot with a marker; you’ll be creating an insole. Just cut it out and take it to the shoe store. If it fits in the shoe, it will be perfect.


2. Make A Monster Spray

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What if your child is afraid of monsters? Make your monster spray. Prepare a container of water and glue monster faces on it. Tell your child that you just bought a monster spray. Fire the water gun, and that’s it!


1. How To Teach Him To Hold The Pencil Properly

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No way to get him to hold the pencil properly? Give him a ball of paper. He has to keep it from falling and hold the pen at the same time.