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The waters of the Pacific Ocean are exactly the opposite of what its name suggests. It is a very turbulent ocean full of hundreds of dangerous animals, yet it has spectacular beaches that attract millions of tourists from where potential threats are normally kept at a considerable distance from the shore.

Recently, a girl was playing on the seashore in Hawaii. She was with her family on vacation and having fun and jumping over small waves. Her mother was recording at the time to create memories of those vacations with her daughter.

What she did not know is that she was going to record such a special and terrifying event. As the small wave passes, the girl notices that something is approaching her in the water, at first she cannot recognize what it is. But a second later, a gray and white fin emerges from the surface.

It was a shark that was only a few inches from the girl who, realizing what animal it was, began to run desperately out of the water in understandable terror.

Luckily, things did not escalate to anything worse, and the girl, although very scared, managed to get out of the water without any damage.

The video recorded by her mother has gone viral and it is really surprising how close this dangerous predator passes right by Anela Rezentes, the 6-year-old girl who never expected that an innocent bath on the beach would end in a creepy episode that she will probably remember for life.

The shark approached the girl, but was probably also scared after her drastic reaction, and dived in the water again to swim away from her.

“I was in shock. I ran towards the shore, but looking for it I couldn’t see it anymore. At first, I did not realize that it was a shark. That’s what surprised me the most,” her mother said.

The event took everyone by surprise on the beach, and we are relieved that the girl was not injured in any way and everything remained just a scare.