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Entrepreneurship is always scary. The risks of leaving the stability of a job and creating your own business are high. Many projects, ideas, hard work, and even failures to learn from are the path that any business owner will have to travel to achieve success.

22 years ago, Leon and Tiffany Chen decided to take the risk and started their project. They were still students at The University of Texas in Austin. They created a cookie delivery service that has become very popular in recent years. The success of the chain is of course thanks to its loyal customers and the good service provided by the company.

Tiff’s Treats wanted to celebrate their anniversary in a very special way, they wanted to celebrate and thank the first paying customer they had more than two decades ago.

In 1999 when Leon and Tiffany began their adventure, they put posters all over the university campus as an advertising method for their delicious cookies where they promised to take them to the front door of their customers. It was not long before they received a call with their first official request.

Leon and Tiffany did not have much information about the client, they only had records of her old dorm room address and they remembered that her name was Amy, a blonde woman about the same age as them. It was not enough to find her. So, they decided to turn to social media for help in a search campaign that immediately went viral.

“We literally thought it would be one post and that was it. We thought, maybe there’s a 50-50 shot somebody would come forward and say that they knew Amy, or they were Amy, ” Leonsaid about how surprised he was at the incredible response from THEIR followers on social media.

One of their followers told the Chens that she might have a clue, her friend’s sister’s name is Amy, and she not only attended the University of Texas at Austin, but she lived in that dorm during that period. It was a good clue.

It was difficult to contact her because the Amy in question now lives in Europe but after a few days, they managed to communicate with her and verify that she was in fact the same woman who 22 years ago had bought some cookies without knowing that it would be the start of a successful business.

The Chens wanted to reward her by giving her a year’s worth of cookies, but Amy had a better idea, she decided to pass the prize on to Foster Angels of Central Texas, a non-profit that helps orphaned children.

The story of Any and the Chens moves us and makes us think that maybe the world could be a better place one cookie at a time.