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You must have been really hurt to want revenge, to want another person to feel the same pain or despair that you felt because of them.

You can feel resentful about someone else’s wrongdoing, but going from there to take action implies a profound need to feel that balance within you. That’s the case of Dino and his detailed plan against his ex-girlfriend Andrea.


Love Finally Found

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For Dino, his story with Andrea was a story of a long-wanted love that finally came true. By the time they met, Dino worked at an oil rig and was making pretty good money. He had just bought a new condo and everything was falling into its right place, except for love, an area in which Dino, despite being a very charming and adorable person, was unlucky.

When Andrea came into the picture, his friends couldn’t believe it. Not only had he finally found someone, but also she was a very beautiful girl that could be on the cover of any magazine. But her personality made some of Dino’s friends suspicious. Andrea was a very self-centered attention-demanding person, something that they didn’t think matched with Dino.

When Josh, one of his friends, came across and told him about his concerns, Dino started to suspect too. Andrea was very eager to move to Dino’s condo and she would be spending a lot of time by herself there since he had to do long periods at the oil rig. Right after she moved, Dino started to be more and more suspicious about what she was doing there while he was working.


The Betrayal And Revenge

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Led by paranoia, Dino came back home a few days later, unannounced, to find his girlfriend with another man on his bed. At the moment he acted very calm, he asked the guy to leave and the asked Andrea the same, but she refused. She started crying and yelling until he called the police on her, gave her the keys to a hotel room, and $50 for a taxi. As hurt as he was, he thought that the nightmare ended there.

But several weeks after the breakup, Dino returned home from another season in the oil rig to find his white Chevy Montecarlo – his pride and joy – with four flat tires, a smashed windshield, and a can of red paint poured all over it. And that was it. The calm with which he tried to take everything was absolutely gone. He started to prepare his revenge.

Later he found out about Andrea getting married to another man, so he thought that that was his chance to execute his revenge. He plotted all with Nancy, a friend of his that knew Andrea and was even invited to the wedding; she knew who Andrea really was, so she wanted to help.

The plan was to drive Andrea nuts prior to her wedding, to make sure that she did not have a moment of peace. So a month before, Dino sent her an anonymous letter containing a picture of Monte Carlo, a wedding dress, and a ketchup packet.

There was no name, but she immediately got the reference and started freaking out. He then Made her think that something was wrong with the red lace of her wedding dress, sent her 30 red lipsticks from different Amazon stores, and left a red sharpie under her windshield wipers.

The result? Andrea was a trainwreck, a true “bridezilla”. She was all nervous during the wedding, she didn’t want anyone with a red drink near her, she asked to change the whole menu to avoid tomatoes or other red food. Dino didn’t do anything that day but made sure that everyone around her got to know the real erratic and paranoid Andrea.