In Ancient Egypt, there was a belief in burying their pharaohs with all their possessions, so they would use them in the afterlife. This is why pyramids were full of objects and written all over so the dead would find their way.

Tutankhamun wasn’t the exception. In fact, he may be the most famous pharaoh of Egypt. By the time he died, he was just 19 years old. And like all Egyptian pharaohs, he was considered a demigod. So he had to be buried in one of the most amazing tombs in Egyptian History.

It wasn’t till 1922 when Tut’s tomb was discovered underneath a worker’s camp. The chamber contained over 5,000 treasures and a solid gold coffin with his mummy inside. Since listing 5,000 objects is pretty impossible, I bring to you the 10 most amazing treasures found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.


10. Anubis Shrine

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Anubis is the Egyptian god of the afterlife. It was believed he guided the souls to the afterworld. He is represented by a jackal and he is one of the oldest gods of Egypt. The statue is made out of wood, but his ears, eyes, eyebrows, and the collar he’s wearing around the neck are made in gold leaf. His claws are made of silver.


9. Scarab Jewelry

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Scarabs were believed to be sacred so Tut’s tomb had many pieces of jewelry with scarabs forms. Khepri was a god with a scarab figure that represented the rising Sun and rebirth. There was one particular piece of scarab jewel that was made of lapis lazuli with an intense blue-colored semi-precious stone attached to it.


8. Golden Sandals

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A pair of solid gold sandals were found on the dead Pharaoh’s feet. The idea of putting sandals on the mummy is to help him walk his way through the afterlife. The sandals were put on after watching the royal feet, in order to show respect to the Pharaoh.


7. Headrest

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In Ancient Egypt, foam pillows didn’t exist. Instead, they used headrests. This object was essential in Ancient Egyptian culture since the dead needed them to rest. The one found in Tut’s tomb is made out of an engraved stone with the figure of Shu, the god of air and wind.


6. Perfume Vessels

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Several perfume vessels were found inside the Pharaoh’s tomb. They were filled with expensive perfumed unguents. One of the vessels had an ibex shape and was actually made from a real ibex horn. I wonder how they smelled like.


5. Canopic Jars

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The canopic jars were used to contain human organs. These ones contained Tut’s organs, which were removed before mummification. They were made out of calcite. One of the organs that still remains inside the canopic jar is Tut’s heart.


4. Game Of Senet

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Senet was a board game played in Ancient Egypt by all levels of society. Tut was buried with one set of the game since it also was related to passing from life to death. Today the game rules remain a mystery, yet some scholars have made some guesses about gameplay.


3. Golden Fan

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There was also a golden fan that it’s believed Tut did use when he was alive. It is over 39 inches (one meter) in length. It is believed Tut used it during special occasions like banquets or festivals as it represented wealth and royalty.


2. Royal Chariot

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There was a chariot inside the chamber. This may give you some idea of how big Tut’s tomb is. Some scholars state that he might have died from falling off from his chariot, but there’s no evidence to sustain this affirmation. It is made from different materials: wood, gold, bronze, and leather.


1. Golden Mask

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Popularly known as the Mask of Tutankhamun, this mask is completely made of gold. It is one of the most famous objects in the world. It’s beautifully sculpted with perfect lines and features. It was found inside the coffin on the mummy’s face. Today, you can find the mask in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.