via El Universal

The pandemic took a massive toll on the economy. Sometimes, numbers can’t seem a bit abstract, and it is not until we look at individual cases that we understand the magnitude of the problem. People of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations have been affected to some degree by this.

That is what happened to Marcelo Siquis, an 87-year-old man from Curitiba, Brazil. This adorable grandfather had been for decades a teacher of Geography and History at the Dona Carola School in his city.

He was loved by his students and very popular within his community, as he’s been seen driving a Volkswagen Beetle since 1972. But due to financial difficulties, Marcelo was forced to make the painful decision to sell it in order to settle debts.

After posting the vehicle for sale, one of his students found out and quickly reached out to some neighbors and other former students of Marcelo. They created a fundraiser and together they managed to raise enough money to buy the car and return it to its true owner.

Not only that, but they raised enough money to also repair some damages in the car, leaving it almost as good as new. A few days later they summoned Marcelo and had even coordinated with a local news network to record the event.

Marcelo, surprised to find out what his former students and neighbors had done for him, could not hold back tears of emotion while expressing his gratitude.

All his former students told stories and pleasant memories of who was their teacher for so many years and recognized the significant and positive impact that this great man had made in their lives.

“He sat with people, gave advice, he was essential in that part of our lives as children to think about the future,” said one of his students.

The video of Marcelo immediately went viral and has moved millions of people. Proving that actions that might seem small to some people can actually mean the world for one person and that when many people organize for something good nothing is impossible.