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Rubén Castro, a 27-year-old, was the first pregnant man in Spain. A few days ago after a 40-week pregnancy, he gave birth to his son Luar, as he announced on social media along with some photos of the newborn.

Ruben’s case had become known since the beginning of his pregnancy and many of his followers had been aware of how the situation was evolving since Ruben kept them updated on a daily basis. In fact, some even expressed their concern when for several days Ruben did not post anything, nor answered comments or messages.

“Forgive the silence, the absence and not answering your messages, I was welcoming to the world this precious thing that I have as a son” said Ruben in one of his posts after giving birth.


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For several years, Ruben had undergone hormonal treatment, but for the last nine months, he had stopped them to prevent his baby from being damaged.

According to what he had published in previous days, his intention was for it to be a water birth, but at the moment it is not certain what was the procedure through which this child came into the world. But, most importantly, he was born on May 1 and is in good health.

Ruben will have to undergo a mastectomy to complete his conversion. However, he clarified that he has not had it done yet because one of his life dreams was to become a father and he wants to have the opportunity to live the experience of breastfeeding his child naturally.

This young father from Madrid went viral on social media immediately, as news outlets from around the world have run the story and the event has caused great controversy among those who support him and those who do not.

Ruben will surely continue to give more to talk about in the coming days, but we are sure that his son Luar will have a happy and loving life.