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Siblings… We hate them and we love them at the same time. We just couldn’t live without them. In cases of twins, things get even more special. Even though they are different, whether they look identical or not, twins usually develop a strong connection between them.

As a matter of fact, 40% of twins invent their own language. And as far as it goes twins recognize each other in the womb at 14 weeks and by then they start to interact. Lo and behold, twins can even have different birthdays (the longest gap is 90 days according to the Guinness World Record).

This is the case of Neve and Louie, a set of twins who were born prematurely. The case did not bode well. The doctors said one of the twins wouldn’t make it. But, you already know me, I’m not bringing you bad news. Instead, get ready for the most adorable happy ending you’ve ever read…


The Birthday

via The Daily Mail

Laura Hough is a first-time mother living in Liverpool, England. Last month, she entered labor to deliver her baby twins Neve and Louie. She was immediately taken to the Emergency Room at Liverpool Women’s Hospital to get a C-section, for she was prematurely delivering the babies.

Louie weighed a little bit more than 3 pounds (1.3 kgs), but due to lack of nutrients in the womb, Neve weighed 1 pound (0.4 kgs), according to The Daily Mail. Soon after being born, the twins had to be separated in order to give them vital treatment.

Doctors did not presage a good ending though. They told Laura “Neve ‘might not make it”.

Two weeks passed by, and Laura and her husband Chris Carey waited with hope for the best results. Laura and Chris went every day to visit them, carry them, and nurture them. Complications came along, as Louie’s lungs collapsed due to his premature arrival, and needed treatment to drain the air out of his lungs.

But despite all the complications and the doctor’s forecast, after two weeks, the twins were reunited in the same incubator and the most adorable thing happened. They started holding hands and hugging each other. I guess they really missed each other.

“They ended up with their arms over each other, their legs crossed and holding hands. She tried to put her hands around his neck – it was funny to watch them”, declared Laura, as her eyes filled with tears.

via The Daily Mail

Neve and Louie demonstrated they were two little fighters. Today they’re home with their loving family.