Project Kuiper, the $10 billion satellite program of Amazon has made an agreement with United Launch Alliance, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin joint venture of launch services, to launch the first 9 rockets (Atlas 5) into orbit. However, the details of the dates and amount of satellites that will be sent were not information provided by the company.

This project is a plan of the Seattle super tech company that is looking to bring internet to rural places of the world with poor or no connectivity at all. Also, it will help amazon to give infrastructure to its cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services. The servers will give security for tons of databases, networking, and storage options.

The plan is to launch a total of 3,236 satellites in an orbit range of 590 to 630 km, the prototypes have a speed of up to 400 Mb and the earth’s antennas of the users have a reach of 22,000 miles away limit.

Amazon even has a spaceflight company, named Blue Origin. However, they delayed its first launch to late 2022, and there is a pressure because they have until July 2026 to launch at least half of its satellites to orbit on a regulatory condition established by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), according to Seattle Times.

Also, another thing that is giving pressure on Jeff Bezos is the rivalry against Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet satellite company. They already have 1,300 satellites in orbit of 1,200 that they planned to launch and even they are still offering a limited beta version of internet service which early adopters could operate for $499 installation and $99 monthly service.

Starlink gets a lot of support from Space X, another Elon Musk’s company that offers rocket programs. Recently they have been very active, they even sent fiery space junk into space last month and got the privilege of being selected by NASA as the next company to send tourists to the moon.