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Did you know that the United Kingdom, England, and Great Britain are not the same? In the following piece, we are going to explain to you why and which are the main differences of each of these designations.

The United Kingdom is the island of Great Britain, added with the northern part of Ireland. Great Britain refers to the countries on the same island which are England, Scotland, and Wales with their component islands.

England is a country of 50,301 sq. miles which is part of Great Britain and the United Kingdom. So we can conclude that the United Kingdom contains Great Britain and at the same time both contain England.

Sometimes we can hear that people confuse all three because England is the biggest country of them and has the capital of the country of countries which is London. Great Britain was formed in 1707, then in 1801 they included Ireland and formed the United Kingdom. In 1922, they lost the territory now known as the Republic of Ireland which became an independent country and the UK kept just the northern part of Ireland.


United Kingdom, England, And Great Britain: Differences

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Politically, the United Kingdom is a part of The Crown which is controlled by the monarchy. Joining them there are a lot of independent countries that still recognize The Crown, such as Canada, Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand, Bahamas, etc. However, as part of England, each country has its own government and they work as an individual role in international politics.

For the most part, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish parliaments defer to the U.K. Parliament in “reserved matters” that deal with things such as economic, immigration, laws, and the EU membership, but retain authority over “devolved matters” that deal with things like education and housing.

The British reference has relation with the UK empire ruling multiple colonies worldwide. Different from the term Commonwealth Realm which governs itself makes its own and foreign policy decisions but retains ties to the U.K. and to one another.

Economically, England has almost 80% of the economic power of the United Kingdom. Moreover, all the countries use the British pound.

So to conclude, the United Kingdom is a country of countries which include Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England even though each of them has its own parliaments. The UK parliament seen as the England parliament is the one with more power in specific. Great Britain is the island which only includes Wales, Scotland, and England and this last one are the biggest and the most relevant for this community.