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Australia is full of very rare and incredible animals that can appear at any time even in your front yard. And recently, a video posted on the official Facebook page of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 showed a prime example of that.

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In the video, two catchers are seen chasing a snake identified as the Eastern Brown Snake that is found in the garden of a house in Mountain Creek, located in the Sunshine Coast region of eastern Australia.

A neighbor was walking by when he noticed that something strange was moving in the bushes of a garden, he looked more closely and it was when he realized that it was an Eastern Brown Snake, he was shocked and with great fear, he decided to call this company for them to take charge of the situation.

When the catchers arrived, they first surveyed the site to determine exactly where the snake was hiding and where it could escape if they failed to catch it on the first attempt.

They made the first approach and immediately, the snake realized that they were after it, so it began to slip very quickly between the rocks and plants. As you can see, it was very quick and evasive.

After more than 8 minutes of an intense chase in the garden, one of the men finally managed to corner the snake and was able to catch it directly with his hand.

“We were finally able to circle him against a fence, feeling trapped and threatened. He was placed in the defensive position in the form of ‘S’; he had several lunges before trying to escape, and luckily, we were able to catch him and relocate him! “said the Facebook post.

When they caught it, they carefully put it in a security bag to later be released into the wild. This snake is one of the most poisonous in the world, which is why it was important that it could be caught and removed from this residential area.

And these brave men are exposed to that danger on a daily basis, in fact, you can see in the video how the snake tries to bite the catcher on a couple of occasions right before he could get a hold of it.

The catcher does not hold any grudges because he knows that these lunges were completely defensive, and he notes that when the snake looped forward causing the man to automatically retreat the snake would turn and try to escape again.

Gladly, no one was harmed.