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Imagine going for a walk in the park and then, all of a sudden, coming across a massive, terrifying snake. Well, that could happen to you if you live near the Frick Park area.

Pittsburgh Public Safety recently reported about a massive snake on the loose in Frick Park, Pittsburgh. A visitor notified Pittsburgh Animal Care & Control that the animal was among the branches of the trees.

According to the report, Animal Control and care officers are searching the Zone 4 area along with Pittsburgh Park rangers. Public safety warned locals to please notify immediately if they find the animal, obviously encouraging citizens not to try and capture it themselves.

Maurice Matthews of Public Safety stated that the witness who saw the snake said that he saw what appeared to be a large snake that didn’t seem like a local animal.

“Snakes are more afraid of us, so if you see one, you can step aside and wait until it crawls,” he added, trying to settle the storm.

Matthews also thanked the Pittsburgh Zoo reptile specialists and the PPG Aquarium for identifying the snake. According to the information it belongs to the species Black Rat Snake, being a harmless type of reptile.

It’s also worth noting that, according to the Native Wildlife Federation, this type of snake is not poisonous, they are actually shy and can grow up to seven feet long. They feed on rodents, amphibians, and small birds, which would explain why it was seen on the branches of a tree. So there’s no need to worry.