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Humans are the only living beings who are aware of the future. This can be a great strength but also a weakness.
Since ancient times, humans have managed in many ways to predict the future – or at least to have an illusion about their destiny.

Needless to say, that has led millions of people towards the belief of fortunetelling or mystical ways of knowing what’s about to happen. Here we will talk about some methods to predict the future in antiquity, many of which are still current as on their first day.

Spoiler Alert: They don’t work.



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In Roman and Greek antiquity, if you wanted to know the answer to a question that worried you about the future, you only had to ask the pagan gods; but you could not do it directly. The only ones who had a direct line to the supreme deities were the priests and pythonesses empowered for the task. Both the answer given by the gods and the temple where the consultation took place were called oracles.



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In this case, the announcement of what was to come was made by a prophet inspired by God. Prophets warned of great events to come, but they were not consultants available to answer questions about the future of individuals. Nostradamus and Baba Vanga are some of the most renowned prophets of all time.


The Fortune Teller

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The oracle was only available to people of power and their principal relations. But ordinary people, who did not have access to the telephone operator with the gods, also had questions about their future. The fortune teller was the answer to this need, and the methods of divination are very varied.



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Surely you have seen that woman with colorful clothes and bushy hair who tells you the future according to the cards that are coming out of a deck of cards. Some are so skillful that with intelligent questions, they “guess” the past first so that you have full confidence in what they will say about your future. Tarot is one of the best known of these means.



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The lines of the hands are unique to each human being. The skin at the ends of the fingers – where fingerprints are taken – is an extension of the skin on the palm, where the map that supposedly has the streets and avenues leading to one’s future is located. What about you? Do you believe in all these methods?