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Recently, Barcelona star Antoine Griezmannwent viral but for reasons unrelated to soccer. It wasn’t a goal or a play that sparked conversations on social media about him. It was another type of score.

It was reported that Griezmann had become a father for the third time. The player published on his social networks “Alba Griezmann April 8, 2021, at 10:24”, indicating with great joy the date, time, and name of the new member of the family.

The birth of a new baby is already great news in itself, but this particular birth has an element that made it more peculiar, as the third daughter of the French footballer, it is also the third of his children born on April 8.

As you read it, the 3 children of the World Champion striker were born on the exact same day, April 8. In 2016 the first-born, Mia, came to this world, at that time Griezmann was a player for Atletico de Madrid. Then in 2019, the second was born, Amaro, a few months later Griezmann would make the pass to Barcelona FC.

After Griezmann’s announcement, the comments on social media started almost immediately, including some very funny speculations about how much the player would save at birthday parties because he only has to make one big party per year, and he will have already fulfilled his obligation with his children.

It is not known if in any way this date has any meaning for Griezmann and his wife, Erika Choperena, or even if it was planned, but the coincidence does not cease to amaze us because of the very little probability for the 3 children to be born on the exact same day.

The player was absent from training during the week to attend the birth of his third daughter, which is probably the reason why he was not a starter in El Clásico against Real Madrid last Saturday, which Barcelona ended up losing 2 to 1.

Despite the defeat, Griezzy must be very excited and happy to have a new member of the family and we send him our best wishes and we will be looking for, if his wife becomes pregnant again, on the date the next child is born.