Intelligence is neither a noun, an adjective, nor an adverb; intelligence isn’t the dictionary definition. Intelligence isn’t a human property that is supposed to have changed our evolutionary development as a species. 

In fact, intelligence is the name we give to the phenomenon that we consider responsible for the differences we observe between people while solving problems. It’s an assumption justified by the type of acts that different people perform daily. 

We don’t know for sure what intelligence is. So the most appropriate way to convert that assumption into something real could be to observe what people do.


Nine Types Of Intelligence

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Since it began studying, several theories have tried to explain what intelligence is. From Raymond Cattell’s – crystallized and fluid intelligence – Spearman’s – Bifactor Theory – or Howard Gardner’s – multiple intelligences – In 1983, Howard Gardner – an American developmental psychologist – came up with nine types of intelligence that people can have. Each category is an area you can excel in. Also, you could be intelligent in more than one.

There are many contributions that different researchers and psychology professionals have left us to help us understand how human intelligence works. Here are the nine types of intelligence:


Linguistic Intelligence

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As its name indicates, it is the ability to master language. But this type of intelligence not only includes oral language but also writing or gestures.  So it has a lot to do with the communicative process and every little thing it involves.


Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

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It is the ability to conceptualize logical relationships between actions or symbols. In other words, it is the ability to reason deductively and logically and the ability to solve mathematical problems. Having this kind of intelligence would’ve made my school days way easier.


Spatial Intelligence

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Spatial intelligence is defined as the human capacity to observe the world and objects from different perspectives. Besides, it is the ability to manipulate or create mental images to solve problems. This type of intelligence is composed of different skills: dynamic imagination, image manipulation, artistic graphic skills, or spatial reasoning, among others.


Musical Intelligence

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While some people are very good at making sculptures or painting, others have an enormous capacity for elaborating musical pieces, because they recognize and compose musical tones and rhythms with great talent. I’m sure we can all think of a person like this.


Body And Kinesthetic Intelligence

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Dancers and athletes, what kind of intelligence do they have? Well, according to the theory of multiple intelligences, they possess what is known as bodily or kinesthetic intelligence, which is the ability to use their own body, that is, the coordination of body movements.


Intrapersonal Intelligence

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Some individuals possess a remarkable ability to understand themselves, their thoughts, emotions and regulate their behavior because they can access and reflect on their feelings and emotions. Although intrapersonal intelligence encompasses self-awareness and self-appreciation, it also includes understanding the human condition.


Interpersonal Intelligence

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You may have noticed that certain individuals have a unique ability when it comes to getting along or relating to other people. These are individuals who employ their interpersonal intelligence when interacting with others efficiently, as they can understand, empathize and communicate appropriately.


Existential Intelligence

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While some individuals go about their day without devoting much time to the reason for things, people with high existential intelligence tend to meditate on their existence. Such thoughts may include the meaning of life and death. 


Naturalistic Intelligence

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Naturalistic intelligence refers to the sensitivity that some people show towards the natural world since it is the ability to distinguish, order, classify, understand and use elements of the environment, objects, animals, or plants. In the past, this type of intelligence was extremely important for survival.

What type of intelligence do you think you have?