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Pets are usually endearing animals, cute and affectionate creatures that keep us company, that we play with and that even become a member of our family.

Among our most common friends are dogs and cats, there are those who also have fish and even birds. Then there are those who have pets that are already bordering on the weird and unconventional, such as snakes, monkeys, and even tigers.

It seems that some people are determined to have rare pets. A man, presumably from Japan, whose identity is still unknown, has a leech as a pet. Yes, exactly as you read, a pet leech.

The size of this animal is impressive, the video posted by this mysterious man shows the leech that appears to be the size of his forearm. The most chilling thing about the situation is not only that a leech can be a pet, which also sadly seems to be a growing trend in the world, but also that this man feeds it with his own blood.


Man Shares Video Of His Pet Leech Feeding Off His Arm

In the video that has now gone viral, you can see this giant “worm” biting the arm of its owner who does not seem to mind at all that this creature is literally sucking his blood.

The risks of infection are evidently enormous and from what can be seen this man’s arm has served for quite some time as a source of food for this blood-sucking animal.

Even though these animals have been used for decades for medical purposes, their use must be done in environments completely controlled by specialists in the field and by scientists.

Although the identity of this incredible leech-keeper is unknown, we hope that no one tries to copy what is seen in the viral video and, on the contrary, the terrifying images discourage people from having this kind of animal as pets. The leech is not even close to being man’s best friend.