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Nowadays, given the impressive technological advances of the last few decades, almost no one is a stranger to online shopping. Now everything is bought online and e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries as new methods and specialized websites are created every day.

With the ability to have all the information and millions of options in the palm of your hand, it is very easy to find offers and the most competitive prices for those items that we want so much. But every now and then some mistakes are made and without realizing it we can end up with something very different than what we really wanted.


Thai Teen Accidentally Buys iPhone-Shaped Table

This was exactly the case for a teenager in Thailand who decided to buy a cheap iPhone online. After a couple of hours, he finally found exactly what he was looking for: an iPhone 7 for less than $250. Without hesitation, he hit the ‘Buy Now’ button thinking he had found the ultimate bargain.

A few days later someone knocked on his door with a package much larger than he expected. As a matter of fact, it was almost as big as him.

When he opened the huge box, he realized that what had been delivered to him was not the expected phone, but actually a table with the shape and design of the iPhone he wanted.

Disturbed by the situation and almost certain that the delivery company had made a mistake, he entered the website again to finally realize that a mistake had indeed been made. But by himself. Inadvertently and rushed by what he thought was a great deal he didn’t read the entire post, therefore he didn’t realize he was buying a desk.

The boy took the mistake with humor and decided to post a funny photo of him, proudly showing his new table. The image has now gone viral and everyone in the world has been able to see it.

So, this serves as a lesson for everyone. Every time we buy something online, we will have to remember this Thai boy or we could end up with an iPhone-shaped table in our living room.