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On March 18, a young Salvadoran died from the impact of lightning while being in the sea. According to local media, no thunderstorm was forecast for that day, surprising the athlete who was preparing to represent her country at ISA World Surf Games.

Katherine Diaz, 22, suffered an electric shock coming out of the water on the beach of El Tunco, on the Pacific-drenched Salvadoran coast, in the department of La Libertad. The Salvadoran Surfing Federation expressed its condolences “We have been left by a great athlete who has represented our country” through a statement.

It didn’t take long before people from all over the world paid their respects to the Olympic hopeful athlete, starting with the president of the Salvadoran nation, Yamil Bukele, who also expressed his sadness at the accident of the surfer “I am very sorry for this death”. Also her teammate Josselyn Alabi said, “It hurts and impacts your loss among the waves”


Katherine Diaz Was Given Immediate Assistance But It Was Too Late Already

Federation manager Milton Flores reported that at the time of the impact, she was provided with “immediate assistance” to avoid the tragic outcome that could not be avoided. According to Flores’ statements, it was “something sudden and fulminant” the electric shock happened when the athlete was preparing to enter the sea. She was then taken to a health center but there was nothing to do.

According to local outlet La Vanguardia, the young athlete participated in world championships since she was 9. She competed in different countries such as the 2013 Open in Panama and her last official participation was in the National Circuit in November last year, in which she obtained first place in the Women’s Open.

These are deeply saddening news and we at Daily Amazing Things want to extend our condolences to Diaz’s family and beloved ones.